Thomas Reid

Portrait of Aboriginal Artist Thomas Reid Portrait

Thomas Reid known to Blackstone as ‘T.R.’ has stepped up as a painter, taking on the rights to stories given to him by his father Cliff Reid. His father, the number one male artists in Blackstone, paints what he knows. Cliff paints stories he was told and paints them ‘his way’, the same way they painted those stories on Singing Rock, the same way those paintings have been painted for many years, raw gestures, symbols, dreaming tracks of the elders and the beings from the dreaming. Thomas is the eldest son of Cliff and Ruby Reid, and the responsibilities of being the eldest are to remember the stories and tell them ‘right way’. Cliff told his son ‘paint slow way’, to make every mark count. The figures will then have character, the lines will have meanings and the story will be told.

Further Artist Information

Community: Blackstone : WA


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