Tjitji kutjarra – Two boys – Sarah Josephine Lane


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Sarah Josephine Lane

40 x 56cm; acrylic on cotton canvas
Year: 2024

Tjitji kutjarra – Two boys

?  is telling the story of the two boys, though some say it was two brothers or a brother and sister, living around Mantamaru (Jameson). One day they saw the track of a big snake, they followed and eventually caught and ate. Unbeknownst, the brothers they had eaten a spirit or magical snake.

The next day the brothers felt unwell. Any task became hard and their walking slowed down. Gradually they became slower and slower until they reach the top of a hill where no longer able to move they turned to stone.  

Driving east from Jameson (on your left) you can see two lonely up-right rocks, one smaller than the other on the top of a hill which are called Tjitji (child) Kutjarra (two).