Pulypal – Eliza Munroe


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Eliza Munroe
Acrylic on Cotton Canvas
61 x 101cm
Year: 2024


A dreamtime story about two ladies digging a hole while hunting, a kangaroo, chased by two dogs, jumped into the hole.

It’s a place between Wingellina highway and Warakurna road. A big story for that place. Kanala’s (Rock Wallaby) Auntie was sitting down she heard a barking and noise. Those dogs were chasing that Kanala. Auntie started digging, digging and made a hole. Kanala he was getting nearer, the dogs still chasing. Then he see that hole Auntie dug and jumped in to hide from those dogs. Dogs were too close and they all jump in as well. The Auntie she lay across and blocked it so they can’t get out. So when you go now there is a narrow hole in the middle, where Auntie blocked Kanala and those dogs. If you skinny one you can go through, with a torch, to get water from inside, because they all turned to water snake.