Robert Muntjanytji Woods

Portrait of Aboriginal Artist Robert Muntjanytji Woods

Robert was born out bush at Mirtuna which is his country – ngurra (traditional land). He went to Ernabella in the APY Lands as a little boy with his family.He attended school there for a while before travelling with his family to Fregon, Mutijulu – all around the lands. He says he went to Warburton where he became a man (initiated). Robert is a senior traditional owner of the Kuru Ala sacred site. He is a highly skilled carver, making traditional items such as spears, spear throwers and shields. His partner is Ethel Narelle Holland also a painter with Papulankutja Artists.

Together they live in Mantamaru (Jameson) looking after their grandchildren.

Further Artist Information

Community: Jameson : NT


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