Prudence Scott

Portrait of Aboriginal Artist Prudence Scott

Watching Prudence paint is like listening to stories from long ago. Her narrative-rich and figurative works are charming and intriguing. They denote the stories that Prudence has listened to over the years from elders and community. She now shares these through her art and brings to life the characters and settings with strong painterly work. Common stories you will see surround the two boys who turned into the large proud Rocks that now look over Blackstone, the night sky and the sand hills, the hunters and the deep rock holes frequented by community.

She is a strong and beautiful woman who works with the kids from Jameson community running hip hop and dance classes. Her work is equally as strong and carries with it invaluable cultural stories from her mothers and fathers land. 

Further Artist Information

Community: Mantamaru (Jameson) : WA


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