Prudence Mitchell

Prudence Mitchell

Prudence was born in the bush near Wingellina, 70kms from Blackstone on the Ngaanyatjarra lands. Her mother is Angilyiya Mitchell, the senior lady for Blackstone and very important knowledge keeper for her country and Tjukurrpa. 

Prudence spent her childhood in and around Blackstone and traveling between communities on the Ngaanyatjarra lands as well as camping in the bush with her family. She attended school in Blackstone and loved to learn, but especially from her family.

Prudence was very close to her grandmother Mrs. A. Brown who was a very special painter for Papulankutja Artists. Prudence learnt much of her painting skills from her grandmother and was told the stories when she was young and watching her grandmother at work. 

Prudence was Mrs. Brown’s carer as she got older. She spent her time in Blackstone looking after her grandmother, taking her to the art centre and cooking up good feeds for her. 

Prudence has two sons who live in Blackstone with her. She spends a lot of her time sitting with family or going for rides across the lands. Her painting is inspired by her grandmother and she hopes to continue painting the stories passed onto her. 

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