Nora Nyutjanka Davidson

Nora Nyutjanka Davidson

I was born in the bush near Mantamaru (Jameson). When I was young we moved to Warburton, where we lived on the Mission, with my mother and my father. I went to school. We would go out bush with Mrs Holiday to Snake Well to have picnic lunch, every Saturday, then we would walk from Snake well to the Mission. There was a drum of water halfway if we got thirsty.

I was married at Warburton and lived with lots of families, two daughters, one son, they looked after me. I was a school teacher at Warburton and took kids to Dampier and to Karratha (Western Australia) for school holiday.

After I got married we moved to Wingellina, where I painted and used to work in the Office. Staying at Wingellina a long time with the families. I was painting with Irrunytju Artists when Brian and Amanda where there (2001).

I paint my country where I was born. Multjul birthplace. I took ladies there for painting, took some service ladies to see the place. I make tjanpi (weaving with spinifex grass). I make tjanpi Toyota. Worked on Seven Sisters Songlines – Seven Sisters flying – I was there. I went to Canberra, saw that Seven Sisters Songlines.

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Community: Papulankutja (Blackstone) : WA


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