Leshell McLean

Leshell McLean

Leshell was born at the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital. After returning to Mantamaru (Jameson) with her mother Bronwyn Robinson Leshell remained there until was sent to boarding school at the Catholic church run CAPS high school. Leshell said she love art while at school.

Leshell started painting at Mantmaru in 2019 although she had painted from time to time in Kalgoorlie for a private dealer. She likes to paint the Seven Sisters and the Two boys story from Mantamaru both of which she learnt from her grandmother Thelma. Leshell said she used to sit down and watch her (grandmother).

Her partner is Warren Woods, son of traditional law man Robert Woods. Together they have two girls – Leahanna Mitchell and Bronwyn McLean.

Further Artist Information

Community: Mantamaru (Jameson) : WA


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