Jasmine Lawson

Jasmine Lawson

Jasmine was the first baby out of 4, born in the Blackstone community underneath a tree. That tree still stands today. Her mother Olive was going to be flown to Kalgoorlie for the birth but Jasmine wanted to be born and the plane was late!

Jasmine grew up in Warburton with her family, her fathers country. Her father had two wives so she always had a lot of family around her and was never lonely. Her mothers country is around Blackstone so she spent much of her childhood travelling across the Ngaanyatjarra lands learning the stories of each place. 

Jasmine went to school in Warburton and loved it. When she finished high school she moved to a boarding school in Kalgoorlie for further studies. She remembers going on a big bus trip with her class to Melbourne. She saw a football game at the MCG and visited the museum and art galleries. It was the first time she had been in a big city. 

Jasmine’s step mother was an artist for the Warburton Arts Project. She would always watch her step mother as she painted and learnt all she knows about painting from her. Her whole family including her mother learnt to paint from her step mother. 

When she finished school and came back to Warburton she worked for NG media as a broadcaster. She was one of the most popular broadcasters and loved playing the best of Australian rock, Indigenous and International pop music. In 2012, Jasmine took home the best RIBS (Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services) Radio Operator award at the 14th National Remote Media Festival. 

She eventually moved on from NG media and helped start up Wilurarra Creative in Warburton, facilitating a diverse range of creative programs for young Ngaanyatjarra people. She ran fashion shows and helped create the Alanya magazine, a magazine that promotes and celebrates Ngaanyatjarra life, culture, health, design, fashion, beauty, art and music. She has also worked for the NG council to facilitate cultural awareness training for staff working on the Ngaanyatjarra lands.

Among all of this, she raised 2 babies up that were put in her care when she was young.

Jasmine has recently moved to Blackstone, her mothers country, to live with her partner who is from here. She is ready to slow down the pace and focus on painting at the art centre and spending time with family. 


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Community: Blackstone : WA


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