Colleen Nyunutja Woods

Colleen Nyunutja Woods

Collen’s father is Robert Woods and mother Wini Roberts (on dialysis at the aged care centre in Warnan).

Although born at Warburton, which then had a small hospital, Colleen grew up in Blackstone where she attended primary school. For her higher education she boarded at Esperance and completed two years. Colleen returned to Blackstone to attend the newly available high school classes. After finishing school Collen took a job as teacher’s aid at Blackstone especially to help her first son and second daughter.

Collen started painting at the Women’s Centre in 2004 just as Papulankutja Artists became incorporated. After the tragic murder of her father’s second wife’s daughter, the family moved to Jameson where Colleen continues to paint. Her stepmother is Narelle Holland also a painter with Mantamaru Artists(Jameson)/Papulankutja Artists.

Colleen has five children and two grandchildren.

Further Artist Information

Community: Mantamaru (Jameson) : WA


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