Chantelle (Jessica) Lyons

Chantelle (Jessica) Lyons

Chantelle lived in Papulankutja (Blackstone) for most of her childhood. She spent two years in Alice Springs boarding at Yirara College in 2007-08 before returning to Papulankutja for the rest of her school years. Having grown up in a small community, surrounded by family and with a lot of freedom she found living in the town very constrictive. Chantelle’s mother Mildred Lyons and her aunties Paula, Joy and Angela Lyons are all painters at Papulankutja Artists as well.

In adulthood she moved east to Mimili in the APY Lands in South Australia to be with her husband Con Campbell. They have one daughter who was born in 2013. They lived in Mimili for nine years before moving back to Papulankutja in 2019. She loves drawing in her journal and is inspired by visions she has in dreams of beautiful things. 

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