Nora Nyutjanka Davidson x Alperstein Designs – Linen Dress

Catalogue Number: PDAV


Exclusive release of linen dress by Alperstein Designs featuring the artwork of Nora Nyutjanka Davidson and Elaine Warnatjura Lane. The dresses are 100% linen and Australian made! Size range availability is 8-14 keeping in mind that it is an A-line, loose fit perfect for summer! Each dress is unique in the part of the artwork that features on each dress is slightly different. Dress it up or down with a belt and your favourite accessories. Remember to tag us on Instagram @papulankutjaartists wearing your Nora or Elaine dress and other Alperstein collaboration designs!

The featured artwork by Nora is, ‘Multju’;

This is the place where Nora was born. It is Mulga country and a great place to find Honey Ants. There is a story of a mother with her two children and they have a great success in this place finding honey ants. They enjoy the sweet reward of their efforts.