Freda Lane
110x124cm; acrylic on canvas


18-129 Freda Lane

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Cat# 18-129

Artist: Freda Lane

Medium: Painting 

Size: 110x124cm; acrylic on canvas

Story: Once in the time, when the turkey people lived in the Blackstone area the people had no fire. While all the people shivered in the winter, one young man would stand on top of the range at walutjarra and stretch out his hands in every direction to see if he could feel some warmth. One day he did feel warmth coming from the north, he flew off in that direction hoping to find the source of the heat to bring it back to his people. He went all the way to a place north of Tjukurla where he saw people with a fire on the ground below. He stole the people’s fire by trickery but they set off after him and he was unable to return to Blackstone but had to keep flying onwards. His pursuers chased him all the way to the Great Australian Bight where he dived into the sea to escape them.