Manyitjanu Lennon
56x76cm; acrylic on canvas


18-121 Manyitjanu Lennon

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Cat# 18-121

Artist: Manyitjanu Lennon

Medium: Painting 

Size: 56x76cm; acrylic on canvas

Story:  “This is Mamungari’nya. The place Mamungari’nya is a long way away. It is over the other side of the sand dunes past Tipilnga. The place where many white trees are growing, many white marble gums. The place where women came turned into the white marble gums on the sand dune south of Watarru; this is the Tjukurpa story. So this is Mamungari’nya where lots of little gum saplings and emu bush grow. This is a place of claypans.”