8SECONDS Check Balloon Sleeve Blouse - Beige

8SECONDS Check Balloon Sleeve Blouse - Beige

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8SECONDS Check Balloon Sleeve Blouse - Beige

It is a formal check blouse with balloon sleeves. This item creates chic looks with skirt, denims or pants.

Colors on the image cuts are more accurate than on the images of the product worn by the model.



It is a chic blouse due to its harmony of balloon design sleeve of cute sense and check pattern of formal mood.

It is an item capable of composing a refined look while coordinating with skirt, denim pants, and more.

It has added trendy sense with side slit detail.

It features a zipper fastener in back.

Made from durable fabric, it is easy to care.

Product Info

  • Above season information is based on Korean region.
    Spring 13°C (55°F) / Summer 26°C (79°F) / Fall 15°C (59°F) / Winter -3°C (27°F)

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Model Size

  • Model Size

    • 176cm
    • 50kg
    • 25in

    Model Wear

    • Top S
    • Bottom 67

Product Information

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